Posted by: sharmaliz | April 3, 2014

Dave the Musical Caveman

The Berrymede kids covered themselves in glory on April 2nd. Both performances of ‘Dave the Musical Caveman’ with the adult orchestra were spectacular! The adult musicians were so impressed with the recorder orchestra, and with the way the kids sang, and the lovely thing was the way they let loads of children try out their instruments during the lunch break.
I really wish other schools and music services would make use of these musical stories. I spend months writing them, and the music enthuses the children so that they learn all the songs, and recorder pieces to a cd of what the adult orchestra will play. The themes often support other curriculum areas too. As for the adults – there are about 25 musicians on my contact list. Some have played in all of the 9 of these projects I have organised in various schools so far. They always enjoy the performances because a hall full of enthusiastic happy children gives the events a real buzz.


  1. Hi Mrs Sharma

    I have a few pictures and videos of recent performances over the last couple of years of what I have been up to in recent times; you may have a look at in your spare time.Thank you for the drive, interest and enthusiasm you had had for us which helped us and is still beneficial to me now. I still remember being on Thames television twice in the late 70’s which was my first TV experience, which indirectly prepared me many years later when I performed on the BBC on Jools Holland. I also still remember when we performed at West Minister Cathedral with the orchestra and steel band where we performed the steel band concerto which you wrote and was a world first. Unfortunately most of the performances were never recorded due to the lack of video access at the time verses today, but they are forever recorded in my memory.

    Your Former Student at Sladebrook High School

    Ivan Christie

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