Posted by: sharmaliz | August 27, 2014

I must Improve!

I spend so much time posting on facebook, but forget to keep up with my website. Now, where to start? It is the end of August. I broke my arm at the end of July, so have not been able to play any instruments. I still went to Dartington, but played percussion in the bands in which I should have played saxes & oboe.
I’ve written several pieces for brass band for Paul Archibald’s Regent Brass Band, & he also took some of my music to Poland & Austria to use on courses he was running. Forton have published about 25 of my pieces, & Egge Verlag about 35. Studio have some in the pipe line too.
September 8th will be the 100th Ealing Chamber Music Club concert, & I’ve written ‘Celebrate 100’ for everyone who wants to play. I really will try to post regularly.

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