Posted by: sharmaliz | October 11, 2015

What am I Doing?

Last weekend London Contemporary orchestra performed my ‘All at Sixes & Sevens’ concertante for double percussion in a programme of works by members of London Composers’ Forum.

I’m putting the finishing touches to the two works for Dorset Chamber Orchestra for next March, with Martin Clunes, but this only really involves a bit of re orchestration for practical reasons. The main work is ‘Buzzard or Kestrel’ a musical story by Richard Baker, which Martin will narrate, but Jane Brewster’s young string ensemble will join the orchestra to perform my ‘Water Birds’ as a sort of mini Concerto Grosso. Walter Brewster will  conduct.

I’ve just sent alternative ‘bassoon instead of cor anglais’ parts off to a trio in Germany who contacted me after performing some of my music, & wanting more, and I’ve sent some duets off to Miles Nipper for Wandering Winds, as well as my suite ‘Elsewhere Music’ which also involves a piano. This work was written some time ago for Jenny Lord & her trio, and is a set of 5 pieces based on scales & styles from around the world.

Soon I must finish checking & printing ‘Rainbow Island’ which is to be performed by 12 schools in Ealing at some time during the first half of 2016, as I have a meeting about it over Half Term.

I’ve orchestrated a set of unusual Carols from the British Isles for the Ealing Chamber Music Club’s Christmas play in, but haven’t thought of a catchy title yet.

At school recorder orchestra & singing assemblies are enthusiastic, & I’m about to start this year’s guitar club, and also introduce ukuleles. I’ve started arranging the recorder orchestra’s Christmas music too – though they are still working on other pieces.

I’ve had to put work on the Concerto Grosso for the Croatian Brass 5tet & wind orchestra on the back burner for the time being due to being a bit busy with all the things mentioned above.


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    I like the variety of what I do , but sometimes it’s hard to decide what I should concentrate on first, plus I always need to plan far ahead to make sure everything is ready on time.

  2. Hi. Was your name Elizabeth Faulkner and did you teach music at Burke School? I’m Kerina Trapmore was Middleton. Would love to hear from you

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