Posted by: sharmaliz | November 24, 2018

Catching up on 2018

All my good intentions tend to slip away – I’m so busy writing music, playing, preparing scores for publication or performance, & just generally living that I’m VERY bad at keeping my website up to date. Anyway – here’s a list of 2018 events :-
January – Joined Capital Concert Brass Ensemble – playing tenor horn
Performed my ‘Proclaiming Joy’ at Ealing Chamber Music Club on soprano sax
Attended Shea Lolin’s woodwind orchestra day, playing baritone sax & they played
my ‘Ancient Stories’ & ‘Insects’.
February – London Composers’ Forum concert – Art of Song – My ‘Song for Eve’ performed –
I played oboe
March – LCF Women’s Day Concert at the Tea House Theatre – my ‘Just As’ for choir was
performed & I played my ‘Sequences’ on soprano sax.
April – I had composed the musical story – ‘Drip Drip Drop’ for Ealing Music Service to tour
around the Primary schools – to enable children to perform songs with an adult
instrumental ensemble – the first performance was April 30th.
May – More performances of Drip Drip Drop throughout the month. LCF Aspects of Piano
concert at St Mary Magdelene on 18th. I played my ‘Night Music’ on Alto sax, with
Zillah Myers on piano.
June – More performances of Drip Drip Drop, & my first gig with Capital Concert Brass.
July – Did loads of composing, but can’t remember what – Started ‘The Four Friends’ as next
year’s project for Ealing Primary schools. Arranged music for the Chamber Music
club end of season ‘all comers play -in’ which was loined by Capital Concert Brass.
August – Went to Dartington – played tenor horn, & alto & baritone saxes.
September – Went to the Clarinet & Saxophone Society Day at Nottingham University where
The Clarinet Ensemble of Great Britain gave the first performance of ‘There’s
Always Time’ which they commissioned from me.
October – East Kent Clarinet Choir hosted a playing day completely devoted to my music –
8 works played – during a day at Birchington on Sea.
I gave a presentation to the leaders of all London Music hubs about my Musical
November – 3 events with Capital Concert Brass linked with Remembrance Weekend.
Presentation to the teachers from the 9 schools in the Bournemouth
area performing my Zoo Tales next year.
On 30th my ‘Toccatta’ for piano duet will be performed at a LCF concert
At St Mary Magdelene – Central London.


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