About me

I studied composition with Richard Arnell at Trinity College of Music, but became Head of Music in Comprehensive schools. I ran choirs, orchestras, dance groups, steelbands, Indian Music groups, and in response to student demand, Turkish, Somali and Chinese  groups.

I was asked to run teachers’ courses in World Music, & to write several books, including ‘Music Worldwide ‘ for Cambridge University Press.

I enjoy composing for orchestra, choir, wind band & wind & brass ensembles of all sizes. I particularly enjoy writing musical stories, in which large numbers of children perform with adult orchestral musicians. Many of these stories are managed by Ealing Music Service.

I’ve been Composer in Residence for music courses in both France & Germany as well as the UK, & my music has been frequently used at Dartington International Summer School.

My publishers are:-

Forton – Most of my wind & brass music.

Egge – Verlag – All double Reed music

Studio – ‘Concerto Grosso’  for Symphonic wind & ‘Five Spirituals ‘ for wind quintet & brass quintet.


  1. I am hopeing I have found the right Liz Sharma.
    I am sure I have as it says above you taught steel drums and dance. I hope you remember me from sladebrook high playing treble bass in the steel band (not safari the younger band). I left school in 1987. You have been an insparation to me and many others. there is a sladebrook school group on facebook and we often wonder how you are and what you are doing now.I very recently meet a man called Patrick whom you taught at copland, he runs a steel band himself and I was lucky enough to hear them play, it took me back to school and all the great memories came flooding back. I would dearly love to hear back from you as Sladebrook has a reunion coming up in September and it would be great to tell everyone that I had heard from you. You might even like to come along yourself!
    hope to hear from you soon
    warm regards Sarah Connors (Cass)

  2. Hi Liz,

    When I was a young lad of 13, in 1978, you put a trombone in my hand and I’ve never lost the love of music since that day. Many, many thanks for all you’ve done to give me this passion and now my kids are doing the same.

    Its good to track you down after all this time.


    • Hi Roy.
      Good to hear from you again. I often think of the things we did at Sladebrook – there was quite a buzz about the place wasn’t there? especially in the music department as there were so many good up & coming musicians, like yourself.
      I’m doing a lot more composing these days . Actually I always did, but no one apart from the students noticed. Now I work part time in 2 large Primary schools, teaching nearly 700 children music in 3 days a week.
      Say hello from me to anyone else you meet.
      Best wishes, Liz

  3. Hi!!!

    I was in the steel band with Sarah, Kathryn and Deslyn to name but a few and played the doubles and enjoyed every minute of it. I look back at Sladebrook with fond memories, especially of the band and the music department and you.

    Wow!!! I am so glad to see you are still teaching music! I have not long graduated in my teaching degree but I teach in FE. I love it!

    I am in contact with many friends from Sladebrrok, and it feels like just yesterday we were in school. Time flies!

    I hope you are keeping well and would love to hear from you in the future.

    Best wishes, Viv x

  4. Merry Christmas Liz,

    i know you could not forget Gerald Brown. you changed my life when you introduced me to the music department at Sladebrook High. you should have been the ladies equivalent of a knight for the amount of lives you have made a difference in. Like Roy and Sarah, i am so made up to have found a site related to you on the web. This is the best Christmas present i have ever received.

    i hope that you will email back. it would be so good to hear from you. i have to confess i cried when i read your bio.. I hope you and your family are well.

    im still playing drums and travelling all over the world nowadays. i have been a featured drummer for steel bands at Notting Hill Carnival for 6 years now and i owe it all to your hard work.

    God bless you and i am the happiest man in the world today.


    Gerry B

  5. Finally…. after so much searching I have found out what you are doing. Like the previous comments you were such a brilliant part of my time at Sladebrook. I arrived in the 4th year so missed out on steel band and orchestra stuff, but my brothers Terry, Roger and Brian, and sisters Kath and Liz were all involved in one way or another. Terry is still involved in music, having been in a commercially successful group, and Brian does a lot of dj-ing. I was thinking about you specifically as my 8 year old son was doing a Narnia play at school and I remember being in the choir singing for the Sladebrook production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I have NEVER forgotton the Turkish Delight song!! I’m so impressed that you are still passing on your amazing knowledge to kids in North West London. Take care. Maxine

    • Hi Maxine,
      I remember the Jones family very well. You were ALL phenominally musical. Terry was a member of the best CGSE music group I ever taught, & I thought he was destined for a career in music. We had great times at Sladebrook didn’t we? all those plays every term, produced by the English dept, with Vere Smith doing all the scenary. I remember the Lion the Witch & the wardrobe, but I don’t remember what I did with the music. My loft is probably full of old music scores from Sladebrook school plays.
      It’s great that so many Sladebrook people have been in touch. Say Hello to the rest of the family. Best wishes, Liz

  6. Hi Liz

    Doing a trawl through the internet down memory lane. Thought you’d like to know what Leslie Coelho , former clarinet player in your orchestra and me his sister Maria are doing. Thank you for making our school days so special with your tireless efforts . Leslie is living in St Alban’s working as software designer, very successful . I teach primary supply now but also I am a puppeteer , telling the Ramayana with Rajasthani puppets . I live in Bristol with my husband and two girls . The drama and music at the school were inspirational in the true sense of the word. I went to Middlesex Poly to study Drama,after school ,where I met my husband. I often think of you and Mrs Underhill and Mrs (Boyd) Muldown? Do you know where they are?? I really want to thank them too . What would any of us be without you . We owe you so much for realising and valuing our potential when so many others didn’t. I was teaching a year two the other day and saw they had some small steel pans, I never made the grade to join your incredible troupe ,but I could not resist introducing the children to them . I have travelled the whole world seen amazing things and lived well because of you .So many people love you we’ll never forget our days at Sladebrook Bless you x x x x
    PS I still see Sam Alam

  7. Hello from sunny Dubai Liz!

    Joanne Cook here (was Joanne Parris for the first 2 years at school) another ex Sladebrook student involved in all sorts of musical instruments and productions during my time there thanks to your inspiring passion and enjoyment of your profession. I smile as I type this just thinking about it!

    It’s funny, I looked you up because I am researching the start of a musical journey in Dubai. I wonder if we might be able to chat about it?

    If I can do half the job you did, it will be amazing 🙂

    Eternally grateful regardless of your response – you are a legend in NW10!!


  8. Hi Miss sharma. I don’t know if you remember me but I remember you with very fond memories. My name is Shandy Jaikaran. I remember you as a really lovely always smiling drama Teacher. You had short blonde curly hair and your smile was infectious and still is from the look on your profile photo.

    I particularly remember you doing a dance routine for an evening with pupils and parents. You wore a black leotard with black tights and it was all painted with flouresent white of a skeleton body. The lights were very dimmed with with the spotlight shining on you and you started to dance and sing the Bones and Bones and dry bones song and all you can see was the bones shape of your outfit. it was really good.
    I regreted not being able to play an instrument but would love to be able to play especially the Guitar and Piano, but for some uknown reason I never got through to the Music classes! 😦
    I keep intouch with quite a lot of school friends and a lot from around the area I live which is in Stonebridge.Not far from the old Sladebrook school.
    I am also very intouch with Mr.Sam Alam who was one of the History Teachers. He is well and still travelling around the world. Do you remember him?…Are you in contact with many from school including Teachers. It would be nice to hear of some of them.
    I am so glad you have gone on to do brilliantly in your career. A great acheivement. And to top it off you have aged gracefully and still a beautiful loolikng woman with that gorgeous smile.


    With fondest of memoeies.

    Shandy. 🙂 xx

  9. Oops! I forgot to tell you I attended Sladebrook High School from 1974-1979.
    And excuse my spelling of looking not loolikng!! :-(). x

  10. hi .. you might remember me .. mandie clark ,,i played the steel drums and left sladebrook in 1987 .. i do remember a few of the names above ..hope you are all well x

  11. Hi Miss Sharma,
    Not sure if you remember the Gorsia family. You probably remember my brother Pankaj who played the tabla & was once accompanied by a sitar player to perform at the school. You later joined the Bhavan in West Kensington where our family learnt various Indian music & dance.
    The steelband was my favourite & we always remember your multi musical talent & great enthusiasm for cultural music.
    I’m glad you are still performing & tutoring – what an exciting career you’ve had!

    • Hi Daksha, do you have a sister called Indira? Your surname is familiar. My name is Sarah,and maiden name Cass.

  12. Surprise, surprise! While comparing the fame of my son’s school to that of my old school that was shut down I find Liz Sharma. You and the male music teacher (can’t remember his name, but I found the angle of his arm fascinating) often feature in my recollections of Sladebrook. I remember that time we appeared on some daytime telly news programme. I can’t remember what it was called but I got a bit of attention afterwards (excrutiating!). I don’t expect you to remember me I was rather a quiet thing. I left Sladebrook in 1984 (6th form). Glad to know you are still around and quite busy by the looks of things.

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