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Dave the Musical Caveman

The Berrymede kids covered themselves in glory on April 2nd. Both performances of ‘Dave the Musical Caveman’ with the adult orchestra were spectacular! The adult musicians were so impressed with the recorder orchestra, and with the way the kids sang, and the lovely thing was the way they let loads of children try out their instruments during the lunch break.
I really wish other schools and music services would make use of these musical stories. I spend months writing them, and the music enthuses the children so that they learn all the songs, and recorder pieces to a cd of what the adult orchestra will play. The themes often support other curriculum areas too. As for the adults – there are about 25 musicians on my contact list. Some have played in all of the 9 of these projects I have organised in various schools so far. They always enjoy the performances because a hall full of enthusiastic happy children gives the events a real buzz.

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January news –

I should have made a new year resolution to keep my website up to date, but anyway, better late than never. I finished my oboe & viola duet, & we’re playing it on Feb 10th at Ealing Chamber Music Club. I finished a set of pieces for oboe , bassoon & drum, which my German publisher requested.
I printed the score & all the parts for Dave the Musical Caveman which my team of volunteers who form the adult chamber orchestra are performing with all the Berrymede kids in March, & the score & parts of the ‘Dorset Ghost Story’ music have all been sent to the conductor, for the concert with Martin Clunes, also in March.
I have not listed my new works, either on this site, or for performing rights, so I really must get better organised. This is a boring bulletin, but I’ll try & be a bit more scintillating in future. I’m a bit more entertaining on facebook.

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Catching up

I haven’t posted a blog for a long time, but I do keep posting on facebook. Where to start?

Rehearsals for Christmas events at Berrymede are cracking on at quite a pace – I wrote  6 new songs for the year 4 play, & they learned them very quickly. Whole school singing assembly is still very enthusiastic & enjoyable, and the recorder orchestra now know 5 pieces. There are about 48 children from years 4,5 & 6 & they are nearly all new members, or on different instruments from those they played last year. The very keen year 6 guitar club are doing well & I’m trying to fix up as many non functioning guitars as possible to keep up with the demand. One of the student teachers is now helping me with this club.

     We have our Ealing Chamber Music Club all comers’ play in on Monday and we are playing Christmas Concerto Grossos (Concerti Grossi?) by Corelli, Manfredini & Torelli, and 6 Renaissance Carols, & also another traditional carol medley. I did all the arrangements, including adding the wind parts that Corelli forgot!

    Last weekend I played some Tea Dance tunes on my sax for a TV pilot at an Acton OAP care home, & met a really good violinist.

  The Publisher of my double reeds music came over from Coblenz to the Big Double Reed Day at Guildhall, & it was the first time we’d met since Egge Verlag started publishing my music, & the first time I’d seen the actual copies. I was most impressed – they’ve published 31 works & they look good.


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Back to reality

We went to Sarigerme, in Turkey for a week – I swam in the sea & really enjoyed a stolen week of Summer before the real Winter sets in.

      Back to reality now :- I went into Berrymede to day to rehearse the recorder orchestra, & find out what progress there has been on selecting a Christmas play, for which I’ll write music for about 100 kids to perform. The school has won an award, so on Thursday various activities are to be filmed for a worldwide TV channel, including whole school singing, & the recorder orchestra. Then we need to crack on with Christmas music, both songs & recorder pieces.

    We had our AGM for Ealing Chamber Music Club last night, at the end of an excellent concert. I’ve already planned the music for the Christmas all-comers play in on Monday 9th December. Do come if you’re in the area – it’s always an enjoyable night at St Mary’s Perivale. 

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String em up ensemble

I’ve joined a great string group, which certainly gives my (lack of) violin  playing skills a work out. The ‘String-’em-up Ensemble’ are all adult late starters on string instruments, although several of us are reasonably competent on various wind instruments. I wrote them a string quartet initially, but was then invited to play. I really admire, and enjoy writing for committed amateur musicians.

    I’ve had quite a productive Autumn so far – ‘Toccata’ my piano duet, ‘Panic at the North Pole’ – a Christmas play with songs, for children, I’ve finished the music for the Dorset Ghost Story, Finished ‘Dave the Musical Caveman’ & recorded it ready for the Berrymede kids next term, made quite a good start on ‘Q the Music’ our flashmob idea for Dartington next year  several other bits & pieces. I find it’s better to keep writing , otherwise I work very much slower when I start again. 


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Ghost story music finished.

It’s been quite a busy week . Monday lunch time I went to a concert by the Myriad Wind ensemble. I originally met the members of this group when I was composer in res. for a wind course in France. Also I see some of them at Dartington every year. The concert was very good.

 In the evening there was a meeting of Ealing Chamber Music Club. I was at school on Tuesday & Wednesday morning, & then to the  London Composers’ Forum on Wednesday evening, for the first time, which I enjoyed. It is mentioned several times on face book.

    This week I recorded & sent off the completed music for the Dorset Ghost story, for next year’s gig with Martin Clunes, & also managed some practice, on oboe & violin, (on which I’m an absolute beginner).  

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Several things at once

I had to stop working on my piano duet for a while, as someone whose work with children I admire, asked if I’d got a secular Christmas piece for young children. I remembered that I had, but couldn’t find any of them, so I reconstructed a story in rhyme, about what happened when Santa’s computer crashed, & wrote 4 songs.
It made me remember loads of other stuff I’ve written for various schools over the years, & I wish I’d always been as careful as I am now to keep things. Early resolution for 2014 – make sure everything is filed properly.

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My Interview for ‘Music Teacher ‘ magazine

Here, I hope, is a link to the interview about my work, which appeared in the October edition of ‘Music Teacher’

Interview for ‘Music Teacher’

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Dave the Musical Caveman – Ready to go

I’ve just made the rehearsal cds for ,’Dave the Musical Caveman’, which is a job requiring maximum concentration. There was a slight technical hitch in the first one, (songs only) because right in the middle of the longest one, my computer decided it needed to do a system check, stopping the recording, so I had to start all over again. It’s a good job my language wasn’t recorded. Why does my computer always decide to check or download something right when I’m in the middle of something else? Who’s supposed to be in charge here? (obviously the computer)

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Autumn Bulletin

Liz Sharma

    Now that ‘Dave the Musical Caveman’ is finished & ready for the rehearsal CD to be recorded, I’ve been turning my attention to re-writing the finale of my ‘Concerto Grosso’ for wind band to suit the requirements of the mega sized   wood wind orchestra which will be playing it in January at one (or maybe two?) of Shea Lolin’s events. I went to the London Woodwind orchestra day last year, lugging the baritone sax on the tube in its new backpack case.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day, but can only take small steps when carrying the bari sax, as it reaches from the top of my head down to somewhere between my knees & my ankles.  Anyway I’m looking forward to going again, and the piece is nearly finished.

        There is to be an article about my work in the October edition of ‘Music Teacher.’ 

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