Posted by: sharmaliz | September 19, 2015

Several things at once

I’m getting on quite well with the Concerto Grosso for Brass Quintet & symphonic Wind Band, which quintet members asked me to write when I went to Croatia. Why then do I feel slightly guilty? I really ought to be re-drafting ‘Buzzard or Kestrel’ for next March’s gig with the Dorset orchestra & Martin Clunes, or making sure everything is ready for the next schools project, or deciding what to arrange for the Christmas Ealing Chamber Music Club play – in. There are a few other smaller jobs in the pipeline too. It’s good to have plenty to do, but I haven’t quite got into my stride after the Summer yet.
I received my sample MP3 disc of my other Concerto Grosso from Studio Music last week played by an army concert band. The sheet music should be out soon.

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